The Ultimate Lawn Care Schedule: Your Comprehensive Schedule for Healthy and Lush Grass

Are you looking for a lush, green lawn that makes your neighbors green with envy? Maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn requires more than just mowing the grass and watering it occasionally. It takes a comprehensive approach to lawn care that includes regular maintenance, proper fertilization, and pest control. At FortSmith Landscaping, our North Carolina…
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Mosquito Lawn Treatment

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Insects with Mosquito Lawn Treatment

Are you tired of pesky mosquitoes ruining your time outdoors? Mosquitoes are a common problem in North Carolina lawns and gardens, and they can be more than just an annoyance. Controlling mosquito populations is important not only for our comfort but also for our health. Mosquitoes are carriers of diseases like West Nile virus, malaria,…
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When To Apply Pre-Emergent Herbicides: The Secret To A Weed-Free Lawn

What Are Pre-Emergent Herbicides and How Do They Work?

Maintaining a lush and healthy lawn requires more than just regular watering and mowing. One of the most common challenges faced by homeowners is dealing with weeds that can quickly overtake a lawn and ruin its appearance. While there are various methods to control weeds, pre-emergent herbicides are an effective and efficient solution that can…
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Get rid of weeds in nc

How to Get Rid of Weeds in Grass and Achieve a Healthy Lawn

A lush, green lawn is the pride of any homeowner, but pesky weeds can quickly take over and ruin its appearance. Weeds not only detract from the beauty of your lawn, but they can also compete with grass for nutrients and water, ultimately weakening and damaging your lawn.  If you’re struggling with weed control on…
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When to Apply Pre-Emergent Herbicide in NC

When to Apply Pre-Emergent Herbicide in NC for Effective Weed Control

Maintaining a lush, healthy lawn can be a challenge in North Carolina, especially when weeds threaten to invade and choke out the grass. One of the most effective ways to control weeds is by using pre-emergent herbicides. These specialized chemicals prevent weed seeds from germinating, ensuring that they never become a problem in the first…
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Lawn Diseases North Carolina

Lawn Diseases in North Carolina: How to Identify and Treat Common Grass Diseases

Maintaining a lush and healthy lawn requires proper care and attention. However, despite our best efforts, lawns can be vulnerable to various diseases that can damage or even destroy the grass. These diseases can be caused by various factors such as weather conditions, soil quality, and improper lawn care practices. Our North Carolina lawn care…
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Striped up grass from a commercial lawn mower in a customer's backyard.

2023 Beginners Guide to Lawn Aeration

 When you look out at your lawn, what do you see? If you don’t see a well-maintained lawn that gives your curb appeal a boost, it’s time to get to work. When you want a thick, plush lawn (and who doesn’t?) you have to give it the TLC it deserves. That goes well beyond…
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spring lawn preparation

9 Steps for Proper Spring Lawn Preparation

Living in the mixed climate of North Carolina, you are used to the sunny months of spring and summer when the grass, shrubs, flowers, and other plants in your yard grow. However, you are equally used to their dormant stage, during the cold winter months when snow and frost cover your turf and prohibit the…
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laying sod in winter

Pros and Cons Of Laying Sod In Winter

Considering Laying Sod In The Winter? When it comes to landscaping, some rules are universal. However, when it comes to the best time of year to lay sod, the first step to knowing when to start sod installation is to understand the climate where you live. Grass-growing systems are affected by freezing temperatures vs. warmer…
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Wake Forest spring lawn aeration

Spring Aeration: How to Get the Most Out of Your Lawn

With North Carolina’s springtime quickly approaching, it’s time to start considering how to get your lawn looking its best. While waiting until the warm weather approaches in April or May is tempting, the best time to aerate your lawn is in the winter months. Fort Smith Landscaping has expert advice for how to best keep…
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Can You Plant Trees In The Winter

Can You Plant Trees In The Winter? Planting Trees In The Winter In North Carolina

When you think about planting and growing trees, you may automatically think of waiting until spring. But, think again. Planting trees in winter versus early spring has its benefits, depending on the types of trees you want to plant. What trees are best to plant during winter? We’re going to answer that question as well…
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Mulch for weed control

How To Use Mulch For Weed Control

When you have pesky weeds in your garden, they take away from the beauty of your flowers and can inhibit growth. If weeds have become public enemy number one in your garden, it’s time to look for ways to remove them. While there are several ways to go about weed suppression, many people turn to…
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what's a lawn care service package

What Is Included In Our Lawn Care Services Packages?

What Services Do Lawn Care Companies Provide? When you want your lawn to have curb appeal and even be the envy of the neighborhood, you need to take care of the grass and landscaping. But who wants to keep up with that in their spare time? That’s why a landscaping company can help. Lawn care…
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Should you bag your grass clippings

Should You Bag Your Grass Clippings?

To bag or not to bag, that is the question when it comes to your lawn clippings in your yard. You may not be sure if you should be bagging clippings or leaving clippings lying around. If you mow frequently, those grass clippings can add up. When you want your lawn to have that curb…
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mulching your grass

Does Mulching Your Lawn Spread Weeds?

To mulch or not to mulch your grass clippings. That is the question. While some people mulch grass clippings, others are afraid that doing so is going to make more weeds appear on their lawn. So, what do you do once your grass is cut and you have clippings lying around your yard? If you…
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Damaging Lawn Pests

Damaging Lawn Pests and How To Prevent Them

A well-maintained lawn is every homeowner’s dream. Your lawn gives off the first impression of your house. You want it to be nicely mowed, green, and full of life.  While the essentials of lawn care, such as watering, mowing, landscaping, and fertilizing, are relatively simple to manage, there is one component of lawn care that…
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residential lawn care

Complete Guide To Spring Lawn Care

The weather getting warmer indicates the need to embark on a spring lawn care journey. When spring comes along, it brings a breath of fresh air. You and your family are going to spend a lot of time outdoors, so why not get your lawn ready too? When it comes to sprucing up your lawn,…
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When is the Best Time to Seed Your Lawn?

As you look out at your lawn, do you see plush, green grass? If you don’t, you may be tempted to throw grass seed down to make some magic happen. But, it’s not that easy. If you don’t seed your lawn at the right time, you could be wasting your efforts, and end up with…
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Professional Lawn Maintenance in Wake Forest, NC

Lawn Maintenance in Wake Forest, NC From Professionals

Our expert landscaping crew illustrates the importance of regular maintenance services in giving your home’s or business’ lawn the healthy appeal you desire.
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